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  • Fluke Networks TS 19 Test Sets

    TS19 telephone test equipment features DataSafe™, Tone or Pulse operation, Talk/Monitor capabilities and last number redial.

    • High impedance DataSafeTM operation in monitor mode
    • Tone (DTMF) and pulse operation
    • Last number redial
    • Polarity indication in talk mode
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  • Fluke Networks Voltage Detector

    Easy-to-use handheld probe high voltage detector. Provides protection against hazardous voltages.

    • Helps protect against accidental electrocution
    • Is fast and easy to use. Handy as a flashlight
    • Assists with OSHA compliance
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  • Fluke Networks Electrical Contractor Telecom Kits

    These handy telecom installer tool kits contain essential industry standard telecommunications tools and test equipment.

    • Choose either Telecom Installer Kit I with TS®30 Test Set or Telecom Installer Kit II with Pro3000 Analog Tone & Probe
    • D814 industry standard punchdown tool for reliable terminations
    • EverSharp 66/110 cut blade provides flexibility for different block and jack terminations
    • Cable Stripper quickly rings and slits many types of cable
    • Use the Probe Pic to check for loose or damaged connections
    • Cut and strip wire cleaner and faster with the Electricians D-Snips
    • Connect to jacks for testing with the standard 4-Wire Modular Adapter
    • A soft zippered pouch keeps your telecom installer tools all in one convenient place
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  • Fluke Networks TS 25D Test Sets

    The TS25D telephone tester features data lockout and lockout override, and a large LCD.

    • Caller-ID and Call Waiting Caller-ID
    • Amplified speakers for hands-free monitoring
    • Data lockout and data lockout override
    • Tone generator for wire identification
    • Talk battery to power voice conversation on dry (non-powered) lines
    • Easy to read oversized liquid crystal display
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  • Fluke Networks TS 30 Test Sets

    The TS30 features the latest in telephone test set case design, at an affordable price.

    • High impedance DataSafeTM operation in monitor mode
    • DropSafeTM reliability passes 20-foot drop test
    • RainSafeTM protection in severe weather conditions
    • Mute switch
    • Last number redial
    • Audible ringer for callbacks
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  • Fluke Networks TS 22 Series Test Sets

    The TS22 Series telephone test equipment offers a combination of reliability, durability and expanded utility.

    • TS22 Test Set has an amplified speaker for hands-free monitoring
    • TS22A Test Set has a two-way speakerphone for true hands-free conversation
    • DropSafeTM reliability passes 20-foot drop test
    • RainSafeTM protection in severe weather conditions
    • Stores nine 18-digit numbers in repertory dialer (speed dialing)
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  • Fluke Networks TS 52 PRO Test Sets

    The TS52 PRO telephone Test Set features backlit LCD and glow-in-the-dark keypad.

    • Display—backlit LCD and glow-in-the-the dark keypad
    • DataSafe Pro—superior high-impedance monitoring, lockout and override, making you completely safe in any mode
    • DropSafe—passes 20-foot drop test
    • DSL/POTS Filtering Technology—allows technicians to clip on a live DSL line to test POTS service without downing or disrupting data service
    • RainSafe–designed for use in rain conditions.
    • 2-way hands-free speakerphone—for true hands-free conversation
    • Test Functions
      • Data indication—warns when data is present.
      • Voltage indication—troubleshooting feature to identify potential line problems
      • Current (mA) indication—verifies sufficient line current
      • Caller-ID—verifies service is functional
      • DTMF Digit Grabbing—isolate faulty customer premise equipment
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  • Fluke Networks TS 54 TDR Test Set

    A three-in-one—TDR, toner and pair identifier—premium, VDV telephone test set

    Ten testing functions include:

    • TDR – find cable length measurement and locate faults on virtually all types of cable including twisted pair, coaxial, and parallel conductors
    • Toner – five separate tones for fast and easy differentiation between multiple wire pairs
    • SmartTone® – short the correct pair and tone changes for exact pair identification
    • Data indication – warns when data is present on the line
    • Voltage indication/measurement – identifies potential line problems
    • Current (mA) indication/measurement – verifies sufficient line current
    • Caller-ID with Call Waiting CID – verifies functional service
    • DTMF Digit Grabbing – isolates faulty customer premise equipment
    • Detects dial tone, places and receives calls
    • Polarity
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